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Custom Golf Tees

These custom golf tee-off markers set your event apart from any other. 

  • Modify an Existing Style

  • Have our Team Create Fully original Design

Zurich Classic Golfer_edited_edited.jpg

Add Your Brand to a Base Design

Saving the time and cost of a fully cusom design this marker still makes a strong statement. Simply select your model and send us your artwork and color scheme

  • Basic Cube Design (6-8 inch)

  • 2 Color Pallet (ie Blue and White) Plastic Material (3D Printed)

  • Made from sustainable bio-based plastic

Fully Custom Golf Tee

We can create something completely original for you. ​​

  • Minimum 6 week Lead Time

  • We will work with your design team

  • Hourly billing for design work

  • Each Product Quoted.

Ready To Get Started?

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